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Objective: Students will consider the use of motif in a text.

1) !) In small groups, students will study chapter 1 for at least one recurring idea or image, identifying this as a motif, and considering what is communicated through the use of this motif. As a whole class, students will share their findings and use all the information to decide what theme is presented in chapter 1.

2) Individually, students will list all references to birth and death evident in chapter 1. Then as a whole class, students will compile a master list and begin to determine what the author communicates through these two motifs.

3) Students will each write a brief paragraph about the power of motif in chapter 1, identifying at least one motif in their writing. Sharing as a whole class, students share their paragraphs to determine what effect the author's use of this literary strategy has had on the chapter...

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