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Family Tree

In order to clarify character relationships, post several pieces of butcher block paper to the blackboard or walls, and have students construct the Kashpaw and Lamartine family trees, making links between characters who join the two families, and including any "outsiders" who connect to the central characters.

Family Feud

Choose 10 students to represent the Kashpaw and Lamartine Families, 5 students on each team. Allow the rest of the class to design questions aimed at demonstrating which characters contributed the most to family success and family problems. Allow students to ask questions, and teams will choose one family member each to attempt to answer the question. The character who proves he did the most good and contributed the least trouble will win the point.

Posters and Book Jackets

Have students design a movie poster or book jacket for any chapter of Love Medicine. Students should be sure to...

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