Love Medicine Character Descriptions

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Uncle Eli - See Eli Kashpaw

Uncle Gordie - See Gordie Kashpaw

Henry Junior - See Henry Lamartine, Jr.

Henry Senior - See Henry Lamartine

Albertine Johnson - This independent character is a nursing student who returns home to the reservation upon hearing of her aunt's death.

Zelda Johnson - This character, Albertine's mother, is mainly concerned with the marital status of family members, particularly those married to whites.

Aurelia Kashpaw - Albertine's aunt, Marie's other daughter, and Zelda's sister who lives in the old homeplace on the reservation.

Eli Kashpaw - Albertine's great uncle, raised in Indian ways, this character remains a bachelor whose mind is clear and sharp.

Gordie Kashpaw - First-born son of Marie and Nector, this brother of Zelda and Aurelia was raised as June's brother and marries her.

Grandma Kashpaw - See Marie Kashpaw

Grandpa Kashpaw - See Nector Kashpaw


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