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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Sir Sampson in a hurry to get the deed legalized?

2. Why has the nurse come knocking on Valentine's door?

3. What is the name of Valentine's servant?

4. What is the best character description for Mrs. Foresight?

5. What s the name of the creditor who is most adamant about being paid?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain what happens when Miss Prue enters looking for Tattle.

2. Describe how Valentine feels about Angelica.

3. Describe how Valentine has become indebted.

4. Who is Benjamin?

5. Discuss what happens when Angelica arrives at Valentine's home.

6. Describe the character of Valentine.

7. What does Miss Prue confide in Mrs. Frail just as Valentine's brother, Ben, arrives?

8. Why does Foresight chastise Angelica regarding the use of his carriage?

9. Why is Benjamin such a desired man?

10. Describe the dynamic between Ben and Mrs. Frail toward the end of the 3rd act.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the practice of role-playing and whether or not it leads to disappointment. Use Benjamin and Miss Prue as an example.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the symbolism in the play. Remember that things, characters, and actions can all be symbols. Use textual evidence.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the motivation of the character Angelica. Explain why she is a woman ahead of her time. Discuss how she relies on her self-confidence and wit to be the power center and the object of affection and attention for Valentine, as well as Sir Sampson.

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