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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of comedy is most on display in Act 4?
(a) verbal comedy
(b) physical comedy
(c) stand up comedy
(d) action comedy

2. How does Mrs. Foresight respond to Scandal's shameless flirting?
(a) she has conventiently forgotten their previous encounter
(b) she turns her attention to Mr. Foresight
(c) she flirts with him
(d) she leaves the room in disgust

3. What does Valentine reveal to Angelica?
(a) the lies he has told
(b) the papers and what they say
(c) his love for her
(d) the details of the trick he's pulling

4. Who does Valentine tell Jeremy he needs to be alone with in the room?
(a) the real Angelica
(b) Mrs. Frail
(c) Scandal
(d) Mrs. Foresight

5. What news does Sir Sampson and Scandal tell to Mr. and Mrs. Foresight and Mrs. Frail upon arrival?
(a) Valentine has lost his mind
(b) Valentine will return to the city
(c) Valentine will marry Angelica
(d) Valentine has agreed to sign the deed

Short Answer Questions

1. What news does the servant deliver to Angelica, Valentine, and Scandal?

2. How would Valentine's state of mind affect the legal documents?

3. The actions of the characters in Act 4 can best be described as:

4. What does Mrs. Frail wish Benjamin would do instead of be with her?

5. How does Angelica respond to Valentine's revelation?

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