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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sir Sampson want most from his relationship with his son, Valentine?
(a) returned love and respect
(b) his money back
(c) their problems resolved
(d) Valentine's reputation restored

2. Where does Mrs. Frail take Ben after the heated argument with Miss Prue?
(a) her bedroom
(b) the balconey
(c) the dining room
(d) Mrs. Foresights rooms

3. What characteristic does Mrs. Frail possess that emboldens her to rescue Benjamin from Miss Prue?
(a) deceptive
(b) opportunistic
(c) demure
(d) cunning

4. What are Angelica, Valentine and Scandal discussing as they come across Miss Prue exiting the bed chamber?
(a) the nature of Valentine's love for Angelica
(b) Valentine's distain for his father
(c) Angelica's love for Valentine
(d) Valentine's loyalty towards his brother, Ben

5. What does Scandal try to do when at last in the company of Mrs. Foresight?
(a) flirt in front of Mr. Foresight to embarass her
(b) flirt with her so Sir Sampson can see
(c) bemoan and lament Valentine's destiny
(d) flirt with her about their intimate encounter the night before

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jeremy inform Angelica of when she arrives at Valentine's home?

2. What kind of life does Ben lead?

3. Who bangs on Miss Prue's bedroom door?

4. What do all the character essentially want in Act 4?

5. What word best describes the potential pairing of Miss Prue and Benjamin?

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