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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Angelica's uncle?
(a) Trapland
(b) Tattle
(c) Frail
(d) Foresight

2. Why does Mrs. Frail want Benjamin all to herself?
(a) because of his inheritance
(b) because of his ravishing good looks
(c) because of his kindness
(d) because of his kind demeanour

3. What profession does Valentine hope to take on to earn a living?
(a) becoming a writer
(b) becoming a lawyer
(c) becoming a doctor
(d) becoming a teacher

4. What s the name of the creditor who is most adamant about being paid?
(a) Mrs. Frail
(b) Trapland
(c) the nurse
(d) Tattle

5. How does Scandal thwart persistent attempts by Trapland to collect his money?
(a) Scandal tells Trapland he is insulting Valentine's hospitality
(b) Scandal tells Trapland the money has already been paid
(c) Scandal tells Trapland he is being disrepectful of Valentine's new poetic career
(d) Scandal tells Trapland he is being disrespectful of their time

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Trapland dissuaded into forgetting about Valentine's debt?

2. Why is Benjamin quickly becoming a wanted man among the community?

3. What kind of writer does Valentine hope to become?

4. Who might Scandal come into contact with when on an excursion with Mrs. Frail?

5. What does Mrs. Frail want most of all?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the two older woman want to encourage in Miss Prue?

2. What does Scandal admit to as Sir Sampson and Mr. Foresight debate the merits of Valentine losing his senses?

3. Describe why Mrs. Foresight is motivated to declare her intentions for Sir Sampson.

4. What do Miss Prue's rejections do to Ben?

5. How does Valentine feel about his illegitimate child?

6. Explain what happens when Miss Prue enters looking for Tattle.

7. Describe the drain that Sir Sampson's feels as a result of his relationship with Valentine.

8. Discuss the nature of Valentine's love for Angelica.

9. How does Angelica retort the comment made by Foresight regarding her inability to use his carriage?

10. Why is Sir Sampson in such a hurry to get the deed of conveyance legalized?

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