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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jeremy inform Angelica of when she arrives at Valentine's home?
(a) Valentine does not love her anymore
(b) Valentine has taken leave of his senses
(c) Valetnine has taken a job in London to repay his debts
(d) Valentine is ashamed and depressed

2. What is the name of the lawyer who arrives with Sir Sampson?
(a) Buckram
(b) Backram
(c) Trapland
(d) Smith

3. What are Angelica, Valentine and Scandal discussing as they come across Miss Prue exiting the bed chamber?
(a) Valentine's distain for his father
(b) the nature of Valentine's love for Angelica
(c) Valentine's loyalty towards his brother, Ben
(d) Angelica's love for Valentine

4. Who does Mrs. Foresight declare her intentions for?
(a) Scandal
(b) Benjamin
(c) Valentine
(d) Sir Sampson

5. What does Sir Sampson believe above all else?
(a) to treat neighbors with as much respect as youself
(b) that eagerness restores reputation
(c) that one receives in exchange something of equal to that which is given
(d) that selfishness is good for business

6. What kind of life does Ben lead?
(a) a sailor's life
(b) a merchant's life
(c) a businessman's life
(d) a doctor's life

7. In what mental state does Sir Sampson leave his son Valentine's home?
(a) a state of grief
(b) a state of concern
(c) a state of despair
(d) a state of relief

8. What does Sir Sampson want to do to Valentine because of all his misfortune?
(a) to move away from him
(b) to have Valentine marry
(c) to send Valentine to debters prison
(d) to disinherit him

9. Who is arriving to Valentine's home for the signing of the legal papers?
(a) Mr. Tattle
(b) Sir Sampson
(c) Trapland
(d) Benjamin

10. What information does Miss Prue confide in Mrs. Frail?
(a) she can't wait to marry Ben
(b) she is in love with Tuttle
(c) she already has a lover
(d) she had no interest in Ben

11. What stage effects add to the character being played out by Valentine?
(a) stage whispers
(b) gymnastics
(c) trap doors
(d) dancing

12. How does Mrs. Foresight feel after hearing Scandal's decree?
(a) angry
(b) overjoyed
(c) secretly pleased
(d) wildly upset

13. What does Miss Prue's rejection of Ben ignite?
(a) an argument with Ben
(b) an argument with Sir Sampson
(c) a fight with Mrs. Frail
(d) a forced exit by Miss Prue

14. Why does Miss Prue reject all overtures from Ben?
(a) she is in love with Valetine
(b) she wants to return to the country
(c) she is in love with Scandal
(d) she is in love with Tattle

15. How does Angelica respond to Jeremy's news of the state of Valentine?
(a) Angelica quickly informs the others
(b) Angelica does not believe him
(c) Angelica fakes tremendous concern
(d) Angelica leaves the premise because she is so upset

Short Answer Questions

1. What characteristic could Valentine possibily show to change the dynamic in his relationship with his father?

2. How does Sir Sampson respond to the news that Valentine has gone mad?

3. How best describes the father and son relationship between Ben and Sir Sampson?

4. Who bangs on Miss Prue's bedroom door?

5. How have all the women agreed to behave, unbeknownst to the men?

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