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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Valentine done with all his money?
(a) purchased real estate
(b) doubled it in a game of chance
(c) squandered it on women and entertainment
(d) bought a bride

2. Why does Foresight not punish Angelica for her quick retort?
(a) because Angelica's fortune is hers alone
(b) because Angelica threatened him
(c) because Angelica caught him with the nurse
(d) because Angelica is know to become violent

3. What news does Mrs. Frail announce when she arrives at Valentine's door?
(a) Scandal is in dire financial straights
(b) Trapland has filed a formal accusation against Valentine
(c) Benjamin has returned from sea
(d) Valentine's father is suffering from ill health

4. What is the best word to describe the character of Mrs. Frail?
(a) calculating
(b) weak
(c) rich
(d) demure

5. What profession does Valentine hope to take on to earn a living?
(a) becoming a doctor
(b) becoming a writer
(c) becoming a teacher
(d) becoming a lawyer

6. In addition to Benjamin, who is also arriving in the city?
(a) Mrs. Frail's mother
(b) Angelica
(c) a new lover for Valentine
(d) Miss Prue

7. What is the name of Angelica's uncle?
(a) Foresight
(b) Tattle
(c) Trapland
(d) Frail

8. How many times has Valentine's father made a similar offer of payment?
(a) never
(b) twice before
(c) once before
(d) multiple times before

9. Why does Foresight chastise Angelica over her carriage ride?
(a) he needs his niece with him whie he speaks with Sir Sampson
(b) he does not approve of women riding in carriages alone
(c) he does not approve of where Angelica is going
(d) he wants Angelica to learn the layout of the property

10. What kind of expert does Foresight imagine himself to be?
(a) a legal expert
(b) a medical expert
(c) an astrological expert
(d) an educational expert

11. Why has the nurse come knocking on Valentine's door?
(a) to collect money for the care of Valentine's illigitimate child
(b) to collect money for sleeping medications
(c) to collect money for curing Valentine of a venereal disease
(d) to collect money for laundry services

12. What does Foresight swear he will do upon the quick retort from Angelica?
(a) make sure her carriage does not get fixed
(b) make sure her reputation is ruined
(c) make sure Valentine remains poor
(d) make sure her family knows of her quick tongue

13. How does Scandal thwart persistent attempts by Trapland to collect his money?
(a) Scandal tells Trapland he is being disrepectful of Valentine's new poetic career
(b) Scandal tells Trapland he is being disrespectful of their time
(c) Scandal tells Trapland the money has already been paid
(d) Scandal tells Trapland he is insulting Valentine's hospitality

14. In which city does Valentine live?
(a) Lyon
(b) Paris
(c) London
(d) Bath

15. What do Valentine and Scandal poke fun at Tattle for?
(a) Tattle's inexperience with women
(b) Tattle's ever increasing waistline
(c) Tattle's hygiene
(d) Tattle's stutter

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mrs. Frail need to find a husband?

2. How is Trapland dissuaded into forgetting about Valentine's debt?

3. Who is Benjamin Sampson promised to?

4. What word best describes the seduction of Miss Prue?

5. What does the deed that Sir Sampson arrives with insure?

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