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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Valentine done with all his money?
(a) bought a bride
(b) purchased real estate
(c) doubled it in a game of chance
(d) squandered it on women and entertainment

2. Why does Mrs. Frail need to find a husband?
(a) for support
(b) for children
(c) to cure her depression
(d) for love

3. Who is Valentine's best friend?
(a) Jeremy
(b) Tattle
(c) Scandal
(d) Mrs. Frail

4. Why does Mrs. Frail want Benjamin all to herself?
(a) because of his kind demeanour
(b) because of his ravishing good looks
(c) because of his kindness
(d) because of his inheritance

5. Who does Mrs. Frail want to marry?
(a) Valenine
(b) Scandal
(c) Benjamin
(d) Foresight

6. How does Trapland respond to Scandal's attempt to dissuade him?
(a) Trapland stays yet he is uninvited
(b) Trapland leaves
(c) Trapland drafts a legal document
(d) Trapland asks to speak with Valentine's father

7. What is the best word to describe the use of the names of the characters in the play?
(a) clever
(b) telling
(c) ironic
(d) definitive

8. Why does Foresight believe that riding alone in a carriage is harmful for Angelica?
(a) because it is dangerous
(b) because it could ruin her reputation
(c) because the weather might turn
(d) because it is to taxing on her health

9. Why has the nurse come knocking on Valentine's door?
(a) to collect money for laundry services
(b) to collect money for curing Valentine of a venereal disease
(c) to collect money for the care of Valentine's illigitimate child
(d) to collect money for sleeping medications

10. What habit does Valentine have that Jeremy believes has no worthwhile purpose since it does not bring in an income?
(a) praying
(b) gardening
(c) cooking
(d) reading

11. Why does Foresight not punish Angelica for her quick retort?
(a) because Angelica's fortune is hers alone
(b) because Angelica is know to become violent
(c) because Angelica caught him with the nurse
(d) because Angelica threatened him

12. Where does Miss Prue come from?
(a) London
(b) the country
(c) Paris
(d) church

13. How is Trapland dissuaded into forgetting about Valentine's debt?
(a) he's given a heavy meal
(b) he's given a promissory note
(c) he's given several rounds of drink
(d) he's given counterfit money

14. Why is Benjamin quickly becoming a wanted man among the community?
(a) because of his strength of character
(b) because of his inheritance
(c) because he has returned from sea
(d) because he is a promising good looks

15. What is the name of the woman whom Valentine loves?
(a) Angela
(b) Angelina
(c) Angel
(d) Angelica

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Miss Prue find herself attracted to?

2. Who is the true character Tattle is intimately involved with?

3. How does Scandal thwart persistent attempts by Trapland to collect his money?

4. What does the deed that Sir Sampson arrives with insure?

5. What s the name of the creditor who is most adamant about being paid?

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