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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who might Scandal come into contact with when on an excursion with Mrs. Frail?
(a) Tuttle
(b) Angelica
(c) Scandal's lover
(d) the nurse

2. How does Trapland respond to Scandal's attempt to dissuade him?
(a) Trapland leaves
(b) Trapland drafts a legal document
(c) Trapland asks to speak with Valentine's father
(d) Trapland stays yet he is uninvited

3. What is the best character description for Mrs. Foresight?
(a) out of touch
(b) brilliant
(c) quick
(d) lazy

4. What does Valentine ask for upon greeting his father, Sir Sampson.
(a) a new servant
(b) more money
(c) new clothes
(d) a bigger carriage

5. Why does Mrs. Frail need to find a husband?
(a) for support
(b) to cure her depression
(c) for children
(d) for love

6. What is Valentine's sole goal?
(a) to marry Angelica
(b) to pay his debts
(c) to write
(d) to work for his father

7. Who is Miss Prue engaged to?
(a) Valentine
(b) Tattle
(c) Scandal
(d) Benjamin

8. Who would the two older women like to encourage Miss Prue to have a relationship with instead of Benjamin?
(a) Scandal
(b) Valentine
(c) Sir Sampson
(d) Mr. Tattle

9. In which city does Valentine live?
(a) Lyon
(b) London
(c) Paris
(d) Bath

10. How is Trapland dissuaded into forgetting about Valentine's debt?
(a) he's given a heavy meal
(b) he's given several rounds of drink
(c) he's given a promissory note
(d) he's given counterfit money

11. This characteristic best describes Valentine's children.
(a) heirs
(b) ill
(c) time consuming
(d) illegitimate

12. Where does Scandal agree to accompany Mrs. Frail?
(a) to the gardens
(b) on a shopping excursion
(c) on a walking tour
(d) to the docks

13. Who are the people that come knocking on Valentine's door and demand attention?
(a) servants
(b) children
(c) debtors
(d) creditors

14. How does Scandal thwart persistent attempts by Trapland to collect his money?
(a) Scandal tells Trapland he is being disrepectful of Valentine's new poetic career
(b) Scandal tells Trapland the money has already been paid
(c) Scandal tells Trapland he is being disrespectful of their time
(d) Scandal tells Trapland he is insulting Valentine's hospitality

15. Who does Miss Prue find herself attracted to?
(a) Mr. Foresight
(b) Sir Sampson
(c) Valentine
(d) Mr. Tattle

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of expert does Foresight imagine himself to be?

2. Why does Foresight believe that riding alone in a carriage is harmful for Angelica?

3. What word best describes the seduction of Miss Prue?

4. Why is Benjamin quickly becoming a wanted man among the community?

5. What has Valentine's irresponsible behavior done to his relationship with his father?

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