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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What activity does Valentine recently enjoy?
(a) laughing
(b) drinking
(c) reading
(d) scheming

2. What does Valentine blame his father for?
(a) getting him into debt
(b) weakening him with a woman like Angelica
(c) causing his emotional grief
(d) bringing him into the world

3. Where is Valentine in danger of going if he does not devise a plan?
(a) back to work
(b) back to school
(c) to court
(d) debtor's prison

4. What is the relationship between Miss Prue and Mrs. Foresight
(a) she is her friend
(b) she is her neighbor
(c) she is her stepdaughter
(d) she is her cousin

5. In which city does Valentine live?
(a) Lyon
(b) London
(c) Bath
(d) Paris

6. Who is the true character Tattle is intimately involved with?
(a) the nurse
(b) Mrs. Frail
(c) Angelica
(d) Mrs. Foresight

7. What document does Sir Sampson arrive with in hand?
(a) deed to the property
(b) deed of ownership
(c) deed of consideration
(d) deed of conveyance

8. What kind of family does Angelica come from?
(a) wealthy
(b) troublesome
(c) scandalous
(d) poor

9. Why does Mrs. Frail want Benjamin all to herself?
(a) because of his kindness
(b) because of his inheritance
(c) because of his kind demeanour
(d) because of his ravishing good looks

10. What is the best character description for Mrs. Foresight?
(a) quick
(b) out of touch
(c) lazy
(d) brilliant

11. Who does Mr. Tattle seduce?
(a) Mrs. Foresight
(b) Mrs. Frail
(c) Angelica
(d) Miss Prue

12. What does Mrs. Frail associate most with marriage?
(a) security
(b) pleasure
(c) a home
(d) happiness

13. Who is Benjamin Sampson promised to?
(a) Miss Prue
(b) Angelica
(c) Valenine's former lover in the city
(d) The nurse

14. What has Valentine done with all his money?
(a) purchased real estate
(b) doubled it in a game of chance
(c) bought a bride
(d) squandered it on women and entertainment

15. Why does Foresight chastise Angelica over her carriage ride?
(a) he needs his niece with him whie he speaks with Sir Sampson
(b) he does not approve of where Angelica is going
(c) he does not approve of women riding in carriages alone
(d) he wants Angelica to learn the layout of the property

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mrs. Foresight support her sister's need to find a husband?

2. Why is Sir Sampson in a hurry to get the deed legalized?

3. What habit does Valentine have that Jeremy believes has no worthwhile purpose since it does not bring in an income?

4. What profession does Valentine hope to take on to earn a living?

5. Who is Miss Prue engaged to?

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