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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who might Scandal come into contact with when on an excursion with Mrs. Frail?
(a) Scandal's lover
(b) Tuttle
(c) the nurse
(d) Angelica

2. What does the deed that Sir Sampson arrives with insure?
(a) gives Benjamin his inheritance and relinquishes liability
(b) gives Valentine his inheritance and relinquishes liability
(c) gives the property and family power to Valentine
(d) gives the property and family power to Benjamin

3. In which city does Valentine live?
(a) Bath
(b) Lyon
(c) Paris
(d) London

4. Who is the true character Tattle is intimately involved with?
(a) Mrs. Frail
(b) Angelica
(c) Mrs. Foresight
(d) the nurse

5. What does Valentine blame his father for?
(a) bringing him into the world
(b) getting him into debt
(c) causing his emotional grief
(d) weakening him with a woman like Angelica

6. What is the best word to describe the character of Mrs. Frail?
(a) weak
(b) rich
(c) demure
(d) calculating

7. Who does Mrs. Frail want to marry?
(a) Scandal
(b) Foresight
(c) Benjamin
(d) Valenine

8. How is Trapland dissuaded into forgetting about Valentine's debt?
(a) he's given several rounds of drink
(b) he's given counterfit money
(c) he's given a promissory note
(d) he's given a heavy meal

9. What is the best word to describe the use of the names of the characters in the play?
(a) clever
(b) ironic
(c) definitive
(d) telling

10. Where does Scandal agree to accompany Mrs. Frail?
(a) to the docks
(b) on a shopping excursion
(c) on a walking tour
(d) to the gardens

11. Why does Foresight believe that riding alone in a carriage is harmful for Angelica?
(a) because it is to taxing on her health
(b) because it is dangerous
(c) because the weather might turn
(d) because it could ruin her reputation

12. Who is Valentine's best friend?
(a) Mrs. Frail
(b) Scandal
(c) Tattle
(d) Jeremy

13. What will Valentine do to win the love of Angelica?
(a) publish his poetry
(b) become a novelist
(c) take a job
(d) relinquish his inheritance

14. How many times has Valentine's father made a similar offer of payment?
(a) once before
(b) never
(c) multiple times before
(d) twice before

15. In addition to Benjamin, who is also arriving in the city?
(a) a new lover for Valentine
(b) Miss Prue
(c) Angelica
(d) Mrs. Frail's mother

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Valentine's sole goal?

2. Who are the people that come knocking on Valentine's door and demand attention?

3. What word best describes the seduction of Miss Prue?

4. What news does Mrs. Frail announce when she arrives at Valentine's door?

5. Why does Foresight chastise Angelica over her carriage ride?

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