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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the deed that Sir Sampson arrives with insure?
(a) gives the property and family power to Valentine
(b) gives the property and family power to Benjamin
(c) gives Benjamin his inheritance and relinquishes liability
(d) gives Valentine his inheritance and relinquishes liability

2. Why is Sir Sampson in a hurry to get the deed legalized?
(a) because Benjamin demanded the papers be put through
(b) because Valentine is hatching a new plan
(c) because Valentine might reconsider
(d) because Benjamin arrives home tonight to settle the inheritance

3. What kind of family does Angelica come from?
(a) scandalous
(b) troublesome
(c) poor
(d) wealthy

4. What is the name of Angelica's uncle?
(a) Trapland
(b) Frail
(c) Tattle
(d) Foresight

5. What has Valentine's irresponsible behavior done to his relationship with his father?
(a) caused an irreconciliable fight between Valentine and his father
(b) caused Valentine's father to abandon his son
(c) allientated Valentine from his father's affection
(d) brought Valentine and his father closer together

6. How does Scandal thwart persistent attempts by Trapland to collect his money?
(a) Scandal tells Trapland he is being disrespectful of their time
(b) Scandal tells Trapland the money has already been paid
(c) Scandal tells Trapland he is being disrepectful of Valentine's new poetic career
(d) Scandal tells Trapland he is insulting Valentine's hospitality

7. Who is Benjamin Sampson promised to?
(a) The nurse
(b) Angelica
(c) Valenine's former lover in the city
(d) Miss Prue

8. Why does Mrs. Frail need to find a husband?
(a) to cure her depression
(b) for support
(c) for love
(d) for children

9. What do Valentine and Scandal poke fun at Tattle for?
(a) Tattle's ever increasing waistline
(b) Tattle's stutter
(c) Tattle's inexperience with women
(d) Tattle's hygiene

10. This characteristic best describes Valentine's children.
(a) illegitimate
(b) heirs
(c) ill
(d) time consuming

11. What kind of relationship do Mrs. Foresight and Mrs. Frail have together?
(a) lovers
(b) enemies
(c) twins
(d) sisters

12. What s the name of the creditor who is most adamant about being paid?
(a) Mrs. Frail
(b) Tattle
(c) Trapland
(d) the nurse

13. Why does Foresight believe that riding alone in a carriage is harmful for Angelica?
(a) because it could ruin her reputation
(b) because it is dangerous
(c) because it is to taxing on her health
(d) because the weather might turn

14. Who does Miss Prue find herself attracted to?
(a) Mr. Foresight
(b) Valentine
(c) Mr. Tattle
(d) Sir Sampson

15. How many times has Valentine's father made a similar offer of payment?
(a) never
(b) once before
(c) twice before
(d) multiple times before

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Trapland respond to Scandal's attempt to dissuade him?

2. Who is Miss Prue engaged to?

3. What man does Valentine's father suggest he sign over his inheritance to for four thousand pounds?

4. Which character do Valentine and Scandal accuse Tattle of having intimate relations?

5. Which character do the older women want to be free of commitment?

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