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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What characteristic could Valentine possibily show to change the dynamic in his relationship with his father?
(a) humor
(b) maturity
(c) congeniality
(d) cordial manners

2. What is the relationship between Miss Prue and Mrs. Foresight
(a) she is her stepdaughter
(b) she is her friend
(c) she is her cousin
(d) she is her neighbor

3. What is the name of Angelica's maid?
(a) Jane
(b) Jenny
(c) Jessica
(d) Jean

4. According to the author, what quality is best to show when in a relationship geared toward success?
(a) cruel intentions
(b) true intentions
(c) hopeful intentions
(d) longing intentions

5. What man does Valentine's father suggest he sign over his inheritance to for four thousand pounds?
(a) Tattle
(b) Mr. Foresight
(c) Scandal
(d) Benjamin

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character does Sir Sampson favor in affection?

2. What do all the character essentially want in Act 4?

3. According to Angelica, who are the infidels and hypocrites?

4. How many times has Valentine's father made a similar offer of payment?

5. What the theme of the father and son relationship theme in the play?

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