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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which character arrives to Valentine's house before Sir Sampson?
(a) Mrs. Foresight
(b) Mrs. Frail
(c) Mr. Tattle
(d) Angelica

2. Who is Scandal infatuated with?
(a) the nurse
(b) Miss Prue
(c) Mrs. Foresight
(d) Angelica

3. How best describes the father and son relationship between Ben and Sir Sampson?
(a) proud son
(b) prodigal son
(c) difficult son
(d) favorite son

4. Which character has Mrs. Foresight conceived a trick with that involves Mrs. Frail?
(a) Jeremy
(b) Valentine
(c) Sir Sampson
(d) Scandal

5. Who does Miss Prue find herself attracted to?
(a) Mr. Foresight
(b) Mr. Tattle
(c) Sir Sampson
(d) Valentine

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Valentine tell Jeremy he needs to be alone with in the room?

2. What does Scandal claim when he interrupts Sir Sampson and Mr. Foresight?

3. Why does Miss Prue reject all overtures from Ben?

4. Who arrives shortly after Scandal tries to engage Mrs. Foresight in flirting?

5. In a conversation with Ben, what does Mrs. Frail make clear?

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