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Objective: Act 1: The play opens to a young man, Valentine conversing with a servant, Jeremy, about finances. Valentine is the privileged son of a wealthy man, but he has squandered his money on women and entertainment in London. He knows he must repay his debts, but is not motivated to do so. The concept of this lesson is entitlement.

1) Have students define the word "entitlement".
2) Ask students to write one paragraph describing public figures in the modern age that act entitled (movie stars, sports figures, reality show stars, politicians etc).
3) Students will then find a newspaper article (or online database article) and find an example of a movie star, sports figure, politics, etc. who in some way has made a poor decision or has been thoughtless with his/her spending.
4) Students will then answer the questions: "Is it easier to get through life with a sense of...

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