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Act 1

• Valentine is conversing with his servant, Jeremy

• Valentine is the son of a wealthy man

• Jeremy and Valentine discuss Valentine's financial situation

• Valentine has squandered his money on women and entertainment

• Valentine is in self-imposed seclusion to avoid all debt collectors

• Valentine has taken to reading books

• Valentine considers the possibility of becoming a poet to earn money

• Scandal, Valentine's best friend, agrees with Jeremy that Valentine does not have a future in writing

• Creditors begin to knock on Valentine's door

• Valentine is unfazed by the creditors, even though he may go to prison

• A nurse to one of Valentine's illegitimate children arrives at the door

• Scandal gives the nurse a little bit of money for the child's care

• Trapland, another creditor, arrives and demands money

• Valentine engages Trapland in a few rounds of drinks to distract him from his purpose

• Trapland leaves unpaid

• Valentine tells Scandal...

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