Lovecraft Country Fun Activities

Matt Ruff
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Book Review

Write a one-page review for Lovecraft Country. What are the story’s strong points? What are its weaknesses? Is the plot believable? Are the characters likable? Would you recommend it to others? Why or why not?

Book Jacket

Create a book jacket for Lovecraft Country. Include a picture or illustration to put on the front cover that not only captures the novel’s plot and themes but also grabs the reader’s attention. The back cover should include a brief author biography as well as a short summary of the novel.

Movie Poster

Create a movie poster for a movie adaptation of Lovecraft Country. Include a tagline that will make people want to see the movie.

Movie Cast

Create a movie cast for a film version of Lovecraft Country. Choose 8-10 characters from the novel and select a famous actor to play each role. Include a...

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