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Erich Segal
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the beginning of this chapter what does Oliver admit concerning Jenny?
(a) That he has already planned their wedding.
(b) That he is just using Jenny for sex.
(c) That he does not actually like her.
(d) That he has not attempted to have sex with her.

2. What is the marital status of Jennifer's father?
(a) Never married.
(b) Married.
(c) Widower.
(d) Divorced.

3. When Oliver talks to a Dean at the school about his situation, what does the Dean suggest?
(a) That Oliver delay starting law school for a year.
(b) That if Oliver cannot come up with the tuition, then he'll be a lousy lawyer.
(c) That Jenny should be able to pay for Oliver's tuition.
(d) That Oliver not drag the school into a family feud.

4. What are Oliver's plans for supporting their new family?
(a) He has cashed in some of his inheritance.
(b) He has bought a small sandwhich shop.
(c) Jenny will be supporting them.
(d) He will clerk at the State Supreme court.

5. How does Oliver seem to feel about his illustrious ancestors?
(a) Almost embarrassed.
(b) Condescending to Jenny.
(c) It's not obvious what he feels.
(d) Proud.

6. What puzzles Jenny about Oliver's reaction to the announcement?
(a) That he starts crying.
(b) That he is not impressed.
(c) That he starts laughing.
(d) That he refuses to believe what his mother says.

7. Why are they going to the location in question #97?
(a) To search for an apartment.
(b) To sail in a regatta.
(c) To try to reconcile with Oliver's parents.
(d) To meet Phil, Jenny's father.

8. What does the dinner conversation foreshadow in Oliver's life?
(a) Oliver's father dying in a car crash.
(b) His father's disapproval of Jenny.
(c) Oliver joining the Peace Corps.
(d) Oliver being disinherited.

9. Before Oliver asks Jenny to marry him, what did the relationship seem to be?
(a) A casual affair.
(b) An on again, off again affair.
(c) A way for Oliver to consort with someone of lower class to learn about that part of society.
(d) Destined to end soon.

10. Why does Oliver have to soak in a whirlpool?
(a) So he can unwind.
(b) Because of his bad knee.
(c) For a sprained ankle.
(d) Because he is chilled from being on the ice.

11. What does Phil offer to do after Oliver talks to him?
(a) Help Oliver out financially.
(b) Call Oliver's dad and talk father-to-father.
(c) Allow them to live with him.
(d) Come back to Boston and help plan the wedding.

12. What are Oliver's plans after graduation?
(a) To start his own busines.
(b) To work for his dad.
(c) To attend law school.
(d) To go with Jenny to Paris.

13. How could Jenny and her father's relationship be described?
(a) It does not exist; Jenny's father is deceased.
(b) Estranged.
(c) Indifferent.
(d) Close.

14. Where does Oliver's playing style get him?
(a) In the penalty box.
(b) A trophy for most valuable player.
(c) Nowhere; he doesn't play in the game.
(d) An admonishment from his coach.

15. What is Jennifer's response to Oliver doing the answer to question #20?
(a) She says he was not given permission.
(b) She waves to get his attention.
(c) She graciously talks with his teammates.
(d) She slaps him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Jenny doing when Oliver arrives at the dorm?

2. What is the occupation of Jennifer's father?

3. Where is the music teacher who has accepted Jenny as a student?

4. When is Jenny leaving for Paris?

5. What is Jennifer's major?

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