Love Story Short Essay - Answer Key

Erich Segal
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1. How does Oliver begin his story?

Oliver begins his story by describing a girl who died at twenty-five, before he takes the reader to the first place he met this girl.

2. When and under what circumstances does Oliver go to the Radcliffe library?

Oliver goes to the Radcliffe library because it is often easier to get required materials there than at the Harvard library. Less than a day before a history exam, Oliver is at Radcliffe to read the first book on the required reading list.

3. How does Oliver meet Jennifer and what does she say about him in the library?

When Oliver asks one of the two girls at the main desk, she wants to know why he does not use his own library. Oliver defends himself by saying Harvard students can use the Radcliffe library. The girl says she knows this, but there is a moral problem with the Harvard students, who have access to millions of books, using the smaller library with barely thousands of books. Oliver again becomes annoyed, especially when the girl accuses him of being rich and dumb, and stating that she would never have coffee with him.

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