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The Enchanted Hill

This is Stargirl's favorite place to meditate or mind wash.


This is Stargirl's pet rat.

Margie's Diner

This is run by a pudgy woman named Margie who bakes all the doughnuts herself.

Summer Solstice

This is the day that officially marks the beginning of summer on the vernal calendar.

Calendar Hill

This is where Stargirl goes to mark the equinoxes by marking the journey of the sun and the shadows that it casts on the ground.

The Pink Fingernail

This is Alvina's most prized possession.


This is the book that Stargirl catches Perry reading at the public library.

The Bumblebees

This is a group of girls that are all in love with Perry Delopane.

The Blue Blanket

This is a part of the Phoenixville nativity scene each year at Christmastime.

The Night Blooming Cereus

This is one of Betty Lou's most prized possessions...

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