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January 1 - February 22

• Stargirl has just moved to a new town, and feels very alone and sad. This book is a letter to her ex-boyfriend Leo back in Arizona.

• Stargirl writes about seeing Charles, a man who sits by his wife's grave all day.
• She likes to meditate on Enchanted Hill because when the sun rises, it shines through her eyelids and makes her feel like she is bathing in gold.

• One day she opens her eyes to see a little girl staring back at her. This is Dootsie Pringle, a little girl who thinks she can be invisible.
• Stargirl invites Dootsie to come to her house some day to see her pet rat. Dootsie comes at 6:00 in the morning one day without telling her mother.

• Dootise introduces Stargirl to Betty-Lou, and agorophobic woman who hasn't left her home in 9 years. Dootise goes there to get doughnuts.
• Stargirl...

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