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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why must Jay help Bella convey her news?
(a) She fumbles.
(b) She begins to cry.
(c) She cannot speak.
(d) She leaves the room.

2. What has happened to those who cannot deal with Grandma Kurnitz?
(a) They have moved out and never spoken to her again.
(b) They suffer in some personal way from her lack of affection.
(c) They have not been affected by her.
(d) They ignore her.

3. To what can Grandma Kurnitz not listen?
(a) Any more of Bella's foolishness.
(b) Gert consoling Bella.
(c) Any more of Louie's yelling.
(d) The boys helping Bella.

4. How does Louie respond to this news?
(a) He laughs very loudly.
(b) Louie loudly expresses his opinion about the man's real intentions toward Bella.
(c) He yells at Bella.
(d) He calls Johnny to tell him to leave his sister alone.

5. Why must Grandma Kurnitz come upstairs to get Jay?
(a) He is still sick.
(b) He will not come down.
(c) He fell down and cannot get up.
(d) He has not come down into the store to work.

6. What does Bella begin to do at the end of the scene?
(a) Talk to the boys.
(b) Put her things away.
(c) Pack her bags.
(d) Call Louie.

7. What is included with the letter from Eddie?
(a) Food.
(b) Some money for food and medicine for the boys.
(c) Toys for the boys.
(d) Photographs.

8. What does Bella say she was seeking?
(a) The warmth that was lacking in her childhood.
(b) A normal life.
(c) A good man.
(d) The chance to have a child.

9. What does Louie share with the boys?
(a) He will be leaving tonight.
(b) His dinner.
(c) A piece of chocolate.
(d) A letter from their father.

10. How is the beginning of this scene the same as other scenes?
(a) It begins with Bella speaking.
(b) It begins with a voice-over.
(c) It begins with Grandma speaking.
(d) It begins with Eddie's voice.

11. What does Bella divulge?
(a) She does not love her mother.
(b) The many movies she has seen.
(c) She has been intimate with Johnny.
(d) The many intimate encounters she has had with men over the years.

12. About what is Bella adamant?
(a) That she move out.
(b) That the boys stay.
(c) That he stay to hear what she wants to say.
(d) That Louie leave.

13. How do the boys say goodbye to their grandmother?
(a) They shake her hand.
(b) With a kiss.
(c) They say goodbye.
(d) They wave goodbye.

14. Why is Bella glad that the boys are still there?
(a) She wants to tell them something.
(b) She wants to say goodbye.
(c) She has gifts for them.
(d) She worries about them.

15. What kind of life does Bella want?
(a) One where she is not near her mother.
(b) One where she can love somebody and know that that love will be returned.
(c) One where there are lots of children.
(d) One where she has all the power and money.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Jay's plan?

2. Where is Eddie, while the boys wait for him?

3. What does Bella share with her mother?

4. What does Bella hope will happen?

5. What is Grandma Kurnitz doing at the end of the scene?

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