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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what does Eddie thank Grandma Kurnitz?
(a) Being kind to Bella.
(b) Keeping the boys.
(c) Making Louie leave.
(d) Giving his letters to the boys.

2. What are the boys doing?
(a) Talking to their father on the phone.
(b) Clearing dinner dishes and setting up chairs.
(c) Playing.
(d) Doing schoolwork.

3. How is the beginning of this scene the same as other scenes?
(a) It begins with a voice-over.
(b) It begins with Eddie's voice.
(c) It begins with Bella speaking.
(d) It begins with Grandma speaking.

4. From whom has Jay taken a phone message?
(a) Bella.
(b) The mysterious men who are looking for Louie.
(c) His cousin in Denver.
(d) His father.

5. What reason does Louie give the boys for why he is leaving town?
(a) His business is finished.
(b) He cannot stand Grandma.
(c) It is too dangerous for him to stay.
(d) He cares too much for the boys.

6. About what is Bella adamant?
(a) That Louie leave.
(b) That the boys stay.
(c) That he stay to hear what she wants to say.
(d) That she move out.

7. How do the family members respond to this news?
(a) They do not understand.
(b) They are not surprised.
(c) They are angry.
(d) They are irritated.

8. Why has Eddie been in the hospital?
(a) For exhaustion.
(b) To avoid going to work.
(c) To visit his wife.
(d) To get some sleep.

9. Why does he change his mind?
(a) His parents' love is secure.
(b) He is tired of living in Yonkers.
(c) He is nervous about owning a business.
(d) He does not have the knowledge to raise children.

10. Who would Bella like to have over for dinner some night?
(a) Her new boyfriend.
(b) Johnny.
(c) Her new friend.
(d) The neighbors.

11. How is Bella feeling about herself this moment?
(a) Excited.
(b) Completely unsure of herself.
(c) Very sure of herself.
(d) Angry at her mother.

12. How does Bella act to her family's protests?
(a) Undeterred.
(b) Unsure.
(c) Sad.
(d) Nervous.

13. How does Bella arrive home?
(a) Sad.
(b) Drained of energy.
(c) Full of enthusiasm.
(d) Guilty.

14. How does Louie feel about the news?
(a) Surprised.
(b) Annoyed.
(c) Angry and upset.
(d) Unsure.

15. What does Jay help Bella convey?
(a) That she is no longer marrying Johnny.
(b) That she is going to marry Johnny.
(c) How much she loves her family.
(d) How frustrated she is with her mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does this scene begin?

2. For what is the family gathering?

3. What can Eddie not allow his mother to see?

4. For whom is the football?

5. How does Grandma Kurnitz react to what Bella divulges?

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