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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Bella seem like a child?
(a) She loves dolls.
(b) She wears clothing similar to that of little girls.
(c) Her naïveté.
(d) She has a high-pitched voice.

2. Why does Grandma Kurnitz reluctantly agree to Eddie's request?
(a) The boys have nowhere else to go.
(b) She wants to help out her son.
(c) She loves her grandsons.
(d) Bella threatens to leave the house and the store.

3. What does Grandma do after chastising Bella?
(a) She tells her to break up with her boyfriend.
(b) She tells her to go see another movie.
(c) She takes the magazines and retreats to the bedroom.
(d) She sends her to her room.

4. How do the boys feel about the intruder?
(a) Annoyed.
(b) Excited.
(c) Angry.
(d) Fearful.

5. According to Grandma, what do nothing but create unrealistic dreams?
(a) Songs.
(b) Boyfriends.
(c) Bachelor degrees.
(d) Movies and movie magazines.

6. About what does Louie tell the boys not to worry?
(a) His life, which he says he has under control.
(b) Getting into the ice cream and treats downstairs at the store.
(c) Their father who will be coming home soon.
(d) Bella, because she can take care of herself.

7. Why are the boys strangers to this place?
(a) Grandma Kurnitz has recently moved.
(b) Grandma Kurnitz never liked the boys' mother.
(c) Grandma Kurnitz is not their real grandmother.
(d) They have been living out of the country since birth.

8. With what good news is Bella bursting?
(a) She got into night school.
(b) The good news that she intends to marry Johnny.
(c) She has a job at the movie theatre.
(d) She is moving.

9. What news does Eddie's doctor give?
(a) He only has a few days to live.
(b) He has cancer.
(c) He has an irregular heartbeat.
(d) He is as healthy as a horse.

10. How have Eddie and the boys been left?
(a) In need of another mother.
(b) With a large amount of money from their mother's will.
(c) Deeply in debt.
(d) Speechless.

11. What does Louie give the boys for keeping silent if anyone should come looking for him?
(a) $5 a week.
(b) A new toy.
(c) $1 a week.
(d) Another pet.

12. What are the boys trying to do?
(a) Play a game.
(b) Go to sleep.
(c) Sneak out the window.
(d) Eat dinner.

13. How is this scene similar to Act I, Scene 2?
(a) This scene begins with the boys talking.
(b) This scene begins with a voice-over.
(c) This scene begins with Bella.
(d) This scene begins with Eddie walking into the room.

14. What will Eddie be doing?
(a) Selling scrap metal.
(b) Borrowing more money.
(c) Going to jail.
(d) Borrowing money from a loan shark.

15. What does Grandma Kurnitz see no point in doing?
(a) Calling Eddie.
(b) Sending the boys to school.
(c) Endorsing her daughter's dreams.
(d) Getting out of bed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Louie do for Arty and Jay?

2. Why must Eddie keep working, even after hearing the doctor's diagnosis?

3. How does Eddie tell the boys?

4. From what had Eddie's wife suffered?

5. For whom are the two men looking?

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