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Lost in Yonkers

Research Yonkers, NY. Write a one-page essay explaining the history of Yonkers, as well as other interesting information about the city.

New York City

Yonkers, NY is located north of New York City. Research what life was like at this time in this famous city, and write a short essay to present your findings.

Bella's Needs

Bella is a character with special needs. Research what education and assistance was available to those with disabilities and the families of those with disabilities in the 1940s.

Helping Those With Disablilities

Find a local center that offers support for people with disabilities. Shadow one of the workers at this center, and write a short essay describing your experience.

Special Olympics

Eunice Kennedy Shriver founded the Special Olympics in honor of her sister who had special needs. Contact your local chapter and learn about what it is like to...

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