Lost in Yonkers Character Descriptions

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Arthur - See Arty Kurnitz.

Arty Kurnitz - This character, a thirteen-year-old boy, is forced to live with his grandma for ten months while his father works off a debt to a loan shark.

Aunt Bella Kurnitz - This character is mentally impaired and is the most dynamic character in the play. In the beginning, much emphasis is placed on this character tends to walk around in a daze, is a daydreamer, and likes to spend her time at the movie theater.

Eddie Kurnitz - This character is forced to leave his boys with his mother so that he can go south, take advantage of the need for workers during the war and ultimately pay off a debt that he owes to a loan shark.

Gert Kurnitz - As the result of her mother's harsh love, this character has developed a breathing problem that causes her...

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