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Karin Evans
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Karin think is in the bundle a young woman tries to give her?

2. In what year does the government announce its "one-child policy"?

3. What is the "dark side" to which Chinese journalists refer?

4. After a baby is born, what do rural Chinese people bury outside the home if it is a girl, and inside if it is a boy?

5. What do Mark and Karin find between their beds in the hotel room?

Short Essay Questions

1. What kinds of things are in Karin's "shrine"?

2. What is the "regrettable past" of Angel Island?

3. Describe the official paperwork Chinese babies who are adopted receive from the Chinese government.

4. What kind of information is given to prospective parents after they are matched with a Chinese baby?

5. What is, in Evans' mind, the most important finding to come out of a study on infant abandonment in China?

6. What interesting information does Karin learn about the population-control policy on the riverboat cruise they take?

7. Describe some of the initial policies used by the Chinese government to reduce the birthrate.

8. What is the main way in which all Chinese adoptees' stories are similar?

9. Describe Karin and Mark's first moments with their daughter.

10. How does Karin's view of parenthood differ from Jill Ker Conway's?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Do China's population and adoption laws encourage the abandonment of babies? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

What is the symbolism of the comparison that Karin makes between her baby's footprint and the place of her birth?

Essay Topic 3

What is ironic about the packing that Karin and Mark do for their trip to China? Why? How does she feel about it?

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