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Karin Evans
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Short Answer Questions

1. What character does Mark name as his ideal father?

2. What is it called when the parents' dossiers are matched with a Chinese child?

3. What is the meaning of the surname "Jiang," given to the babies at Kelly's orphanage?

4. When does the Chinese government's strict population-control policy go into effect?

5. Which other country is NOT mentioned as a frequent home of Chinese adoptees?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe three ways in which Evans pictures Chinese adoptees growing up in the United States.

2. What does May Wong see as the biggest difference between Chinese and American cultures?

3. What are working conditions like in China?

4. Why do Karin and Mark want to adopt a child?

5. What is the mission of Families with Children from China?

6. What kind of information is given to prospective parents after they are matched with a Chinese baby?

7. How is adoption different in the 1950s-70s?

8. What does Karin find in the middle of the night that is symbolic of her search for clues about her daughter's birth mother?

9. What does Karin fear about her daughter's future trip to China to search for her roots?

10. Describe the official paperwork Chinese babies who are adopted receive from the Chinese government.

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

The state of adoption in China, including which children are adopted, is influenced by many factors. Please name at least three and explain why and how they are influences.

Essay Topic 2

Describe the effects of poverty on China's women and girls and why it is germane to the discussion of adoption.

Essay Topic 3

Why is the group Families with Children from China so important? What do they do? Why?

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