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Karin Evans
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the term psychiatrists have given to the feeling of children who have no way to trace their biological history?
(a) Genealogical depression.
(b) Genealogical bewilderment.
(c) Genetic confusion.
(d) Genetic anxiety.

2. What event are the Evanses attending where all the children are dressed as tigers?
(a) A Halloween party.
(b) Dragon-Boat Festival.
(c) "Between the Two New Years."
(d) A child's jungle-themed birthday party.

3. What is Jeffrey's favorite lullaby called?
(a) "100 Grains of Rice."
(b) "Around the Mulberry Tree."
(c) "The Crane Song."
(d) "The Little Swallow."

4. What organization does adoptive mother Jenny Bowen found?
(a) The Amity Foundation.
(b) Welcome House.
(c) The Bowen Foundation.
(d) Half the Sky Foundation.

5. What is it that Chinese people traditionally eat at this October festival?
(a) Wontons.
(b) Rice pudding.
(c) Noodles.
(d) Mooncakes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What Asian-American athlete does Evans cite as having been called "Beaten by an American"?

2. What religious sect always deliberately puts a flaw in their quilts?

3. On what surface is Kelly afraid, at first, to move?

4. Which of these is a song Karin and Mark sing to Kelly in the hotel room?

5. Which of these is NOT part of the new playground built at the orphanage where Kelly lived?

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