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Karin Evans
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what year does "The Dying Rooms" premiere on American television?
(a) 1996.
(b) 1997.
(c) 1994.
(d) 1995.

2. On what surface is Kelly afraid, at first, to move?
(a) Shag carpet.
(b) Grass.
(c) Sand.
(d) Dirt.

3. Jenny Bowen remembers a little girl left behind who is very proud of what possession?
(a) A book.
(b) A locket.
(c) String bracelets.
(d) A doll.

4. What is the name of the first international adoption agency in the United States?
(a) Welcome House.
(b) One World.
(c) Adoption International.
(d) Joined Hands.

5. Who is Max?
(a) The adoption group's U.S.-China facilitator.
(b) One of the other adoptive parents.
(c) The adoption group's bus driver.
(d) An official at the Consulate.

6. From what country are 2500 children adopted in China after World War II?
(a) Vietnam.
(b) Thailand.
(c) China.
(d) Japan.

7. What is "jook"?
(a) Baby food.
(b) Rice pudding.
(c) Yogurt.
(d) Gruel.

8. Where is it that all adopted Chinese babies must pass through?
(a) Jiangmen.
(b) Guangzhou.
(c) Beijing.
(d) Shanghai.

9. Which of these things is ranked as least important in a national survey of parents of adopted Chinese children?
(a) Exposure to Chinese culture.
(b) Pride in the Chinese heritage.
(c) Being able to speak Chinese at home.
(d) Being friends with other Chinese children.

10. What is the literal translation of "shaying tang"?
(a) "Hospital for children."
(b) "State-run orphanage."
(c) "Hospice for killing infants."
(d) "Home for Little Ones."

11. What Chinese festival is held in October?
(a) Festival of the Autumn Moon.
(b) Silkworm Festival.
(c) Harvest Festival.
(d) Festival of the Dragon.

12. For whom does Karin's group of adoptive families have a potluck dinner?
(a) Max.
(b) Jenny Bowen.
(c) May Wong.
(d) Amy Tan.

13. In what percentage of families who abandon babies is the decision made by the father?
(a) 50%.
(b) 75%.
(c) 60%.
(d) 40%.

14. Who writes that "A child's chromosomes are an irretrievably scrambled mishmash of its grandparents' chromosomes and so on..."?
(a) Kahlil Gibran.
(b) Richard Dawkins.
(c) Alex Haley.
(d) Jill Ker Conway.

15. What fact does Evans mention about adopting children over the age of ten?
(a) They cannot be adopted at all.
(b) They are always placed in pairs.
(c) They must agree to the adoption.
(d) They are only adopted within China.

Short Answer Questions

1. What Akira Kurosawa film that ends with the finding of a baby does Karin watch?

2. Who is "Da Niao"?

3. Which of these professors is NOT part of the study on infant abandonment in China?

4. In what type of church is the tiger-costume event held?

5. What does Chinese legend say brings two lovers together?

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