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Karin Evans
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a regional delicacy in Guangzhou that Karin is told tastes like peanuts?
(a) Fried moths.
(b) Fried grasshoppers.
(c) Fried silkworms.
(d) Fried mulberry leaves.

2. Who does Karin visit far up the Nathan Road?
(a) A seamstress.
(b) A friend's family.
(c) Distant relatives.
(d) A fortune teller.

3. In what year does China enact an international adoption law?
(a) 1992.
(b) 1990.
(c) 1987.
(d) 1996.

4. In what year does the Law on Protection of Rights and Interests of Women go into effect?
(a) 1980.
(b) 1997.
(c) 1992.
(d) 1988.

5. In what year does China change to a "one son or two child policy"?
(a) 1980.
(b) 1992.
(c) 1988.
(d) 1997.

6. What is the estimated cost of adopting a child from China?
(a) $5,000.
(b) $15,000.
(c) $10,000.
(d) $25,000.

7. In an old Chinese proverb, what do people try to describe by touching one part of it?
(a) An ostrich.
(b) A tree.
(c) An elephant.
(d) An airplane.

8. When does the Chinese government's strict population-control policy go into effect?
(a) 1977.
(b) 1993.
(c) 2002.
(d) 1980.

9. What is printed on the T-shirt Kelly wore from the orphanage?
(a) McDonald's.
(b) Gucci.
(c) Disney World.
(d) Trump's Castle Casino Resort.

10. About how long does it take for adoptive parents to move from the first meeting in an adoption agency to meeting their child?
(a) One year.
(b) Eighteen months.
(c) Three months.
(d) Six months.

11. What are the "baiji"?
(a) White whales.
(b) White dolphins.
(c) White cranes.
(d) White goats.

12. What is the meaning of "Xiao," the first part of all the little girls' names?
(a) Jade.
(b) Little.
(c) River.
(d) Education.

13. In what year does the government announce its "one-child policy"?
(a) 1980.
(b) 1972.
(c) 1992.
(d) 1988.

14. What is the local legend about the founding of Guanzhou?
(a) Eight cranes flew in with grains of rice.
(b) Eight muberry trees sprouted spontaneously.
(c) Six cows came from Beijing bearing mulberry tree seeds.
(d) Six goats came from the sky with grains of rice.

15. What is the popular name of legendary heroine Fa Mu Lan?
(a) Lanxi.
(b) Mumu.
(c) Famu.
(d) Mulan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is it called when the parents' dossiers are matched with a Chinese child?

2. What unusual circumstances involving Chinese adoption exists in one Southern family?

3. What is a "hukou"?

4. Which of these is NOT an interpretation of Kelly's given Chinese name?

5. What is an "iron rice bowl"?

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