The Lost Daughters of China Short Essay - Answer Key

Karin Evans
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1. Describe three ways in which Evans pictures Chinese adoptees growing up in the United States.

Evans draws pictures of small Chinese girls dressed as cheerleaders at college football games, ice skating in Chicago, and attending a Barney concert with her adopted mother.

2. What kind of information is given to prospective parents after they are matched with a Chinese baby?

Parents receive a small amount of information about their child when the match is made: vital statistics, an estimate of a birth date, a name chosen by the orphanage, and, perhaps, a photograph.

3. What are some of the circumstances that have created such a large amount of Chinese baby girls in orphanages?

China's one-child policy and the cultural emphasis on the importance of sons have combined to create a situation in which many baby girls end up in orphanages.

4. Why does Evans write this book?

Evans explains that she knows her adopted daughter will, someday, ask her questions about her roots, and she wants to be able to understand what life would have been like for her child's birth mother, and what might have led her to give up her child for adoption, as well as what the child's life might have been like had she stayed in China.

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