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Karin Evans
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through In the Light of the Autumn Moon.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of these is NOT a traditional Chinese saying disparaging daughters?
(a) "Girls are maggots in the rice."
(b) "It is more profitable to raise geese than daughters."
(c) "When fishing for treasures in the flood, be careful not to pull in girls."
(d) "Boys are a blessing; girls are a curse."

2. According to a folk tale Karin read, what are adopted children in China sometimes called?
(a) Boll worm babies.
(b) Children of the wasps.
(c) Children of the mulberry bug.
(d) Mulberry wasps.

3. When does the Chinese government's strict population-control policy go into effect?
(a) 2002.
(b) 1977.
(c) 1993.
(d) 1980.

4. What is used by midwives to smother newborn baby girls?
(a) The midwife's hand.
(b) A blanket.
(c) A pillow.
(d) Ashes.

5. With what does Kelly seem particularly fascinated?
(a) Traffic lights.
(b) Motorcycles.
(c) The television.
(d) Horses.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what year does the government announce its "one-child policy"?

2. What is Jiang Xiao Yu holding when she meets her parents?

3. What does Kelly dress up as for her second Halloween?

4. What does the author say the book is for her daughter?

5. After a baby is born, what do rural Chinese people bury outside the home if it is a girl, and inside if it is a boy?

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