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Karin Evans
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The One-Child, Maybe-One-More Policy.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What major event occurs three days before Mark and Karin leave for China?
(a) Mark and Karin close on a new house.
(b) Karin's father's funeral.
(c) Mark's brother's wedding.
(d) Mark is promoted.

2. How many people are estimated to have died during the disaster that occurred in the late 1950s?
(a) 13 million.
(b) 300 million.
(c) 3 million.
(d) 30 million.

3. What is the "dark side" to which Chinese journalists refer?
(a) Abandoned babies.
(b) Forced abortions.
(c) Infanticide.
(d) Human trafficking in young women.

4. What American icon does Karin see painted on trashcans in Guanzhou?
(a) The Golden Arches.
(b) The Kentucky Fried Colonel.
(c) Barney.
(d) Wendy.

5. Where are Karin and Mark told their daughter was found?
(a) In a market.
(b) Under a bridge.
(c) Beside the highway.
(d) In a dumpster.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is China's leader, Jiang Zemin, at the time Karin and Mark fly to China?

2. What does Karin think is in the bundle a young woman tries to give her?

3. Where does Karin live in her early journalistic career?

4. What is a "hukou"?

5. How many Chinese girls are flown into the United States every month?

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