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Karin Evans
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Matters of Life and Death.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the "dark side" to which Chinese journalists refer?
(a) Infanticide.
(b) Forced abortions.
(c) Human trafficking in young women.
(d) Abandoned babies.

2. About how many of China's thousand-plus orphanages do adoption agencies have contact with?
(a) 750.
(b) 50.
(c) 500.
(d) 25.

3. What major catastrophe occurs in China in the late 1950s?
(a) A drought.
(b) A civil war.
(c) A famine.
(d) An earthquake.

4. Who is Zhang Shuyun?
(a) A Chinese government official.
(b) A Chinese orphanage caretaker.
(c) A Chinese physician.
(d) A Chinese filmmaker.

5. What major event occurs three days before Mark and Karin leave for China?
(a) Mark and Karin close on a new house.
(b) Mark's brother's wedding.
(c) Karin's father's funeral.
(d) Mark is promoted.

Short Answer Questions

1. After a baby is born, what do rural Chinese people bury outside the home if it is a girl, and inside if it is a boy?

2. In what year does China loosen the restrictions demanding that adoptive parents take "special-needs" children?

3. What is the popular name of legendary heroine Fa Mu Lan?

4. What is the first major hurdle Karin and Mark have to clear in the adoption process?

5. What leader celebrated the idea of "glorious mothers having more babies"?

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