Daily Lessons for Teaching The Lost Daughters of China

Karin Evans
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Objective: For many students the culture of China will be completely foreign and unknown. To understand the complexities surrounding American adoptions of Chinese babies, it is important for students to have some idea of the culture into which these children are born. This lesson will give students a basic background in Chinese cultural, political and economic conditions.

1. Ask students to brainstorm and write down on a piece of paper what they know about China. After 5-10 minutes, ask students to share examples. Make a list of these on the board or overhead projector.

2. Using the list as a springboard, have students take notes as you give them information on China's recent political history, cultural traditions, and economic conditions. Be prepared with this information so as to present it in an organized way, perhaps slowly revealing it on an overhead as you discuss it. Be sure to correct...

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