The Lost Daughters of China Fun Activities

Karin Evans
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Fortune Cookies

Either bake fortune cookies in which you can place your own fortunes or buy fortune cookies from a Chinese store or restaurant. Have students share their fortunes.

A Taste of China

Have a Chinese food lunch or simply serve traditional Chinese food in class. One option would be to have students make the food and bring it in.

Movie Day

Watch Disney's "Mulan."

Exploring the Baiji

Research the ancient myths of the baiji and its current status in China.

Damming the Yangtze

Research the history and progress of the Three Gorges Dam. If possible, bring in pictures/artist's renderings of its finished state.

Dress Up for a Day

Dress in traditional Chinese costume.

Festival Celebration

Depending on the time of year, celebrate a traditional Chinese festival (Autumn Moon, Dragon, etc.).

Confucius Says...

Research the teachings of Confucius. Create a list/poster of his most famous sayings...

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