The Lost Daughters of China Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Karin Evans
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• The author begins with a series of facts about the number of Chinese-born girls living in the United States with American adoptive parents.

• As of the writing of this book, in 2000, more than 18,000 children, nearly all girls, had been brought to the U.S.

• The large number of Chinese girls adopted by Americans is only a fraction of those found abandoned in China; the Chinese reliance on sons coupled with the population policy has forced many daughters from their birth families.

• Most of these girls will have no way to trace their biological pasts.

• The author explains that she wants to tell the story of these Chinese baby girls, their mothers, and the East-West families they are adopted into.

Journey to the East

• The author describes a bus ride into Jiangmen City and what she sees as they arrive there on the day they are to become...

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