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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the man from Biosyn who is searching for the strange animals?

2. What does InGen do when the company learns of John Hammond's death?

3. What does Levine learn about the handling of the carcasses that infuriates him?

4. What does Malcolm suggest as the reason for the extinction of complex animals?

5. People claiming to be press photographers entered and photographed Malcolm's office. What journal do the photographers claim to be from?

Short Essay Questions

1. As Ed James sits outside Levine's apartment and eavesdrops on the conversation between Thorne, Malcolm, and the children, why is James embarrassed?

2. The head of Biosyn dislikes Dodgson, but likes having him around. Why?

3. What two events occur in the 1970s that cause scientists to focus their attention on extinction?

4. What happens in the 1970s that leads scientists to wonder if human behavior could ultimately lead to extinction?

5. Why, in Malcolm's opinion, is his extinction theory untestable?

6. What do the members of Malcolm's audience have in common?

7. According to Malcolm's speech, what is the average rate of extinction on the planet?

8. Describe Ian Malcolm's feelings regarding the theory that the dinosaurs were wiped out by a meteor strike.

9. Describe the type of behavior that is common to all complex systems.

10. How does Dodgson convince the head of Biosyn to allow Dodgson one more opportunity to successfully gain the dinosaur DNA he has been seeking?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine the overriding beliefs the following characters had before they went to Isla Sorna and how those beliefs were changed by the events that transpired on the island: Levine, Harding, Malcolm, and Thorne.

Essay Topic 2

Identify four of the members of the group invited by Levine to be part of his island expedition. Then, compare and contrast the backgrounds, experiences, and opinions of the four group members you identified. Is each member of the group necessary in order for Levine's expedition to succeed? Why or why not? Is any member of the group expendable? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Explore Crichton's story through the quotes used at the beginning of each configuration. How do the quotes fit with the themes and events of each configuration? What do the quotes foreshadow? Why does the author choose these particular ideas - "quotes" from Ian Malcolm - to be at the beginning of each new section?

a. First Configuration - "In the conservative region far from the chaotic edge, individual elements coalesce slowly, showing no clear pattern."

b. Second Configuration - "Self-organization elaborates in complexity as the system advances toward the chaotic edge."

c. Third Configuration - "In the intermediate phase, swiftly developing complexity within the system hides the risk of imminent chaos. But the risk is there."

d. Fourth Configuration - "Approaching the chaotic edge, elements show internal conflict. An unstable and potentially lethal region."

e. Fifth Configuration - "At the edge of chaos, unexpected outcomes occur. The risk to survival is severe."

f. Sixth Configuration - "Order collapses in simultaneous regions. Survival is now unlikely for individuals and groups."

g. Seventh Configuration - "Partial restabilization may occur after eliminating destructive elements. Survival is partly determined by chance events."

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