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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to what Thorne tells the man who warns them about Isla Sorna, when are Thorne, Carr, and Malcolm planning to leave Isla Sorna?
(a) Within one week.
(b) Within two days.
(c) Within two weeks.
(d) Within five days.

2. What happens aboard the boat taking Harding, Dodgson, and the others to Isla Sorna?
(a) Dodgson pushes Harding overboard.
(b) King pushes Harding overboard.
(c) Baselton pushes Harding overboard.
(d) Harding falls overboard.

3. As Levine's party stands together in the high hide, what does Levine drop carelessly to the ground?
(a) A candy bar wrapper.
(b) A remote control.
(c) A video tape cassette.
(d) A radio.

4. Eddie brings a baby dinosaur with a broken leg to the trailer so that he can tend to the broken bone. What type of dinosaur is the baby?
(a) A triceratops.
(b) A raptor.
(c) A maiasaur.
(d) A tyrannosaur.

5. What type of dinosaurs surround the Jeep and rip it to shreds?
(a) Triceratops.
(b) Compys.
(c) Maiasaurs.
(d) Raptors.

6. As the people are trying to flee from the dinosaurs pursuing them, what happens to the Jeep?
(a) It blows its engine.
(b) It hits a tree.
(c) It runs out of gas.
(d) It gets a flat tire.

7. Who is driving the Jeep that is racing after the circular cage?
(a) Thorne.
(b) Levine.
(c) Harding.
(d) Carr.

8. Instead of thanking his rescuer for saving him from the charging dinosaur, what does Levine do?
(a) Leaves his rescuer behind.
(b) Hits his rescuer.
(c) Runs away from his rescuer.
(d) Berates his rescuer.

9. What does Levine's rescuer find as he goes after Levine?
(a) A triceratops nest.
(b) A tyrannosaur nest.
(c) A raptor nest.
(d) A compy nest.

10. As Malcolm watches the apatosaurs, he notices something that concerns him. What does Malcolm notice?
(a) The high hide will not be tall enough.
(b) None of the apatosaurs have reached full maturity.
(c) Some of the apatosaurs have defensive wounds.
(d) Levine's understanding of dinosaur behavior is faulty.

11. As Malcolm, Thorne, and Carr continue to explore the complex, what are they surprised to find?
(a) Gas cans.
(b) Batteries.
(c) Electrical power.
(d) Stowaways.

12. After joining Levine in the high hide, the group watches what kind of herd face down a single raptor?
(a) An apatosaur herd.
(b) A compy herd.
(c) A triceratops herd.
(d) A stegosaur herd.

13. How many video cameras on the island does Arby manage to activate?
(a) 7.
(b) 15.
(c) 23.
(d) 10.

14. When Arby spots Levine on the monitors, what is Levine using to move around the island?
(a) A scooter.
(b) A bicycle.
(c) A horse.
(d) A motorcycle.

15. After fleeing from the compys, where does Dodgson find shelter?
(a) In the high hide.
(b) In a concrete shed.
(c) In the trailer.
(d) At the compound.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who goes outside to see if the gas pumps still have gas in them?

2. From the high hide, who does Arby see trying to make his way to the river?

3. After the people in the Jeep successfully rescue the person in the circular cage and return to the ridge road, what do they find waiting for them?

4. Where do Harding, Malcolm, and Kelly find the rest of the group?

5. What do Harding and Malcolm fashion the baby dinosaur's cast out of?

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