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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Second Configuration.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After overhearing the telephone conversation in the San Jose airport, who does Levine immediately call?
(a) Sarah Harding.
(b) George Baselton.
(c) Doc Thorne.
(d) Ian Malcolm.

2. Where is the concept of a technomyth developed?
(a) At Harvard.
(b) At Princeton.
(c) At Berkeley.
(d) At Duke.

3. After Malcolm's lecture ends, who accompanies Malcolm as they walk across the open courtyard?
(a) Alan Grant.
(b) Sarah Harding.
(c) Stanley Erickson.
(d) Richard Levine.

4. According to Malcolm's speech, how many species of plants and animals have existed on the planet since life began?
(a) 70 billion.
(b) 10 billion.
(c) 50 billion.
(d) 30 billion.

5. What is the name of the man hired by Biosyn to help the company clean up its image?
(a) Lewis Dodgson.
(b) Dennis Nedry.
(c) Marty Guitierrez.
(d) George Baselton.

Short Answer Questions

1. Malcolm dresses entirely in one color. What color is it?

2. People claiming to be press photographers entered and photographed Malcolm's office. What journal do the photographers claim to be from?

3. What does the "T' in K-T boundary stand for?

4. Which island off the Costa Rican coast is leased to InGen?

5. According to the story, in what year does Ian Malcolm give a speech in which he states that complex animals die out because of their behavior?

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