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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through First Configuration.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What two behaviors are of particular interest to the study of evolution?
(a) Adaptation and balance.
(b) Adaptation and structure.
(c) Extinction and adaptation.
(d) Balance and structure.

2. What do complexity theorists term the behavior that is common to all complex systems?
(a) Self-defeating.
(b) Supportive iterations.
(c) Didactic.
(d) Self-organizing.

3. What does InGen do when the company learns of John Hammond's death?
(a) Hire a new administrator.
(b) File for Chapter 11.
(c) Fire Gennaro's law firm.
(d) Cease and desist.

4. According to the Biosyn spy, where is Dr. Grant now working?
(a) At Montana State.
(b) At Duke.
(c) At Utah State.
(d) At Berkeley.

5. How much is the Biosyn spy being paid to spy on the people who had been involved with the InGen project?
(a) $500 per day.
(b) $500 per week.
(c) $1,500 per week.
(d) $1,500 per day.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Malcolm, how long do most mammals survive?

2. Of the majority of animals that are now extinct, what percentage of those animals are accounted for due to mass killings?

3. When is the infamous trip to Costa Rica actually made by Malcolm and the others for InGen?

4. According to the person who first notified Levine of the carcass, what does the Costa Rican government suspect the aberrant animals are the cause of?

5. What does Levine have a reputation for being?

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