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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sixth Configuration.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Thorne and Malcolm arrive in Costa Rica, who warns them about the lack of gasoline, supplies, and roads on Isla Sorna?
(a) A customs officer.
(b) An expedition leader.
(c) An adventure seeker.
(d) A pilot.

2. According to the Introduction, extinction is considered as unremarkable as what?
(a) A dog finding a bone.
(b) A car running out of gas.
(c) Thunder following lightning.
(d) Sunshine in the summer.

3. Where does the Costa Rican government assume that the aberrant animals are coming from?
(a) The jungle.
(b) The islands.
(c) The grasslands.
(d) The desert.

4. While other species in the animal kingdom fight for food, what do humans - in Malcolm's opinion - fight for?
(a) Alliances.
(b) Beliefs.
(c) Territory.
(d) Protection.

5. According to the person who first notified Levine of the carcass, what does the Costa Rican government suspect the aberrant animals are the cause of?
(a) An unusual strain of cancer.
(b) An unusual strain of encephalitis.
(c) An unusually high number of missing pets.
(d) An unusually high number of missing children.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the raptors take the circular cage?

2. As the people are trying to flee from the dinosaurs pursuing them, what happens to the Jeep?

3. What invention makes complexity theory possible?

4. Why can no one present discuss the events that transpired on InGen's Costa Rican island?

5. According to Malcolm's speech, how many species of plants and animals are currently on the planet?

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