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The K-T Boundary

This is where the iridium is found.

Complexity Theory

This suggests that an underlying sense of order in certain systems remains to be discovered by science.


This is when something is taken apart to see how it works.

The Edge of Chaos

This is a scientific term for the balancing point of a complex system.

The Lost World Hypothesis

This represents the hope that an ancient ecosystem still exists.

International Genetic Technologies (InGen)

This is a now-defunct company that used non-disclosure agreements to avoid liability.


This company is intent on stealing dinosaur-manufacturing technology.

The High Hide

This is a fifteen-foot tall structure made of lightweight, reinforced metal.

The Cage

This is a round, heavy-duty structure designed to provide shelter to a person surrounded by dangerous animals.

The Explorer

This has been custom-designed for the expedition and uses photovoltaic roof panels.

The Trailers


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