The Lost World Character Descriptions

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Ian Malcolm

This character is a mathematical genius whose favorite theory is complexity theory.

Sarah Harding

This character is a brilliant young field researcher with a never-say-die attitude.

Richard Levine

This character is a gifted young scientist who is described as a loose cannon.

Kelly Curtis

This character is teased about being a brainer who learns to think independently.

R. B. Benton

This character is intellectually superior, but socially inferior to peers, and seeks refuge in computers.

Jack Thorne

This character is a retired professor of applied engineering who designs the vehicles for the expedition.

Eddie Carr

This twenty-four-year-old character is a mechanical genius who is responsible for adding old-fashioned, proven technology to the expedition vehicles.

Lewis Dodgson

This character steals others' research and runs the reverse-engineering section of Biosyn.

Howard King

This character is considered to be a washed-up scientist and vulnerable to being recruited into corporate...

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