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Short Answer Questions

1. Of what kind of material are Ambrose’s pants made?

2. What does the narrator say is an image an author might use when writing a story about Ocean City during World War II?

3. Who does the narrator say Peter resembles?

4. What is the name of the character who is advertising the funhouse?

5. Where does the family always stop for lunch on the way to Ocean City?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Ambrose feel about Magda and what is he afraid to do about it?

2. Why does Magda win the traditional game in the car, and what does Ambrose’s mother say about her win?

3. What is Ambrose thinking about asking Magda when they are at the pool, and what does he decide?

4. What does Peter do when everyone falls to the floor, and how does Magda react to Peter’s behavior?

5. Who is in the car with Ambrose driving to Ocean City?

6. When thoroughly lost, what does Ambrose imagine happens to him in the Funhouse?

7. In which section of the Funhouse does Ambrose take Magda’s arm, and why does he take her arm?

8. What is done in Ocean City because of U-boats and how is it done?

9. Why does Ambrose think people don’t know what to make of him?

10. What does the Gypsy Fortune Teller machine look like?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze and discuss what you think are the characteristics of a successful short story and why Lost in the Funhouse is or is not a successful short story based on your criteria. Do you think the criteria for a successful short story should be different if it is written for adults versus young adults?

Essay Topic 2

Trace and analyze the theme of consciousness in Lost in the Funhouse. Which characters struggle with this issue? Why? Which characters seem to be aware of themselves and conscious of how they relate to the world? How is Ambrose’s consciousness shown in the funhouse? How does Ambrose’s consciousness compare to other characters’ consciousness?

Essay Topic 3

Ambrose declares that a person thinks he is himself but there are other people within everyone. Discuss what you think Ambrose means by this statement. Do you agree with him? Why or why not?

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