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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Ambrose’s imagination, what does Uncle Karl tease Ambrose about on the drive home from Ocean City?
(a) Finding his way through the funhouse with a blind Negro girl
(b) Getting lost in the funhouse
(c) Running out from under the boardwalk looking terrified
(d) Loosing Magda and the chance to kiss her in the funhouse

2. What does Ambrose see through the shoulders of Magda’s sundress when she leans forward to look for the Towers?
(a) One strap on each shoulder under the sun dress
(b) Nothing
(c) The shoulders of an extra blouse she is wearing
(d) Two straps on each shoulder under the sun dress

3. Why does Peter insist they stand by the funhouse?
(a) So their parents can find them
(b) So he can watch the girls’ skirts blow up
(c) In case someone gives them tickets
(d) So they can hear the laughing

4. What is Uncle Karl told is the reason there will be no fireworks that night?
(a) There is going to be a strong thunderstorm that evening
(b) Because of enemy submarines
(c) The town does not have the money
(d) There is a shortage of materials

5. What does the narrator call the diagram that represents conventional dramatic narrative?
(a) An exposition square
(b) A Freitag’s Triangle
(c) A plot flowchart
(d) A conflict analysis

6. What is wrong with the windows of the fortune telling machine?
(a) They are missing
(b) Nothing
(c) They are fogged over
(d) They are cracked and taped

7. What does Ambrose fear is the difference between himself and others?
(a) He is not smart
(b) He is socially incompetent
(c) He is insane
(d) He will never become a man

8. From what point of view does Ambrose narrate the story of his life to himself?
(a) Second person limited
(b) He does not narrate the story of his life
(c) First person point of view
(d) Third person

9. What is Magda doing while she leans forward in her seat after spotting the Towers?
(a) Watching the miles go by on the odometer
(b) Playing cow poker
(c) Resting her head on the back of the front seat so she can nap
(d) Trying to look at the book that Ambrose’s mother is reading

10. What does Ambrose notice about the people going into the funhouse?
(a) They are all young children
(b) They are all adults
(c) They are all couples
(d) They all hold hands

11. Of what are cigar boxes made in the present time in the story?
(a) Pasteboard
(b) Plastic
(c) Cigars are not sold in boxes during the war
(d) Wood

12. What does Ambrose see under the boardwalk?
(a) People in a life raft
(b) A man and a woman having sex
(c) Dozens of sand crabs
(d) Nothing

13. What does the narrator say is irrelevant in a story about a fun house?
(a) Details about a drive to the fun house
(b) How much it costs to enter the fun house
(c) How long it takes standing in line at the fun house
(d) Where the fun house is located

14. What does the narrator say a man could do with a mannequin?
(a) Make her look like a gypsy fortune teller
(b) Set her up to scare people in the funhouse
(c) Modify her in certain ways
(d) Use her as a guard on the bedroom door

15. Of what does Ambrose warn Magda when he asks her to go through the funhouse with him?
(a) That Peter will not be with them as Peter has no money
(b) That he has never been through the funhouse
(c) That a kiss will be acceptable payment for spending a quarter on her
(d) That he plans to look up her dress

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what kind of material are Ambrose’s pants made?

2. What did Ambrose say to Magda in the tool shed after she was done with her punishment?

3. Over what does Ambrose’s mother chide his father?

4. What nickname does Magda use for Ambrose?

5. Who sets the price for Magda’s clemency in the game 'niggers and masters'?

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