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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ambrose imagine people think when years after he is still lost in the funhouse they find his skeleton?
(a) Is that skeleton a real one?
(b) He must be part of the entertainment in the funhouse
(c) He must have been a really stupid person to stay lost
(d) He must have lived alone since no one came looking for him

2. What are two of the names Peter came up for his future children as a joke?
(a) Apollo and Artemis
(b) Aloysius and Murgatroyd
(c) Rocky and Bullwinkle
(d) Adonis and Adelaide

3. On what is the old man Ambrose sees in the funhouse sitting?
(a) A stool
(b) An armchair
(c) A long, wooden bench
(d) He is sitting on the floor

4. How does Ambrose see an old man who reminds him of his grandfather?
(a) Through an open door
(b) Through a small glass porthole
(c) In a mirror
(d) Through a crack in the boards

5. Of what kind of material are Ambrose’s pants made?
(a) Cotton
(b) Brushed denim
(c) Polyester
(d) Gabardine

6. Where does Magda’s rest her right hand while the family is driving to Ocean City?
(a) On the seat near Ambrose’s left leg
(b) On the door’s armrest
(c) On the back of the front passenger seat
(d) On her lap

7. What does Ambrose think is a disappointment to eat even though they look good?
(a) Cotton candy on sticks
(b) Candied apples
(c) Funnel cakes
(d) Corn dogs

8. How does Ambrose end up with a sore toe in the funhouse?
(a) He stubs it on the wall
(b) A sailor and his girlfriend steps on the toe
(c) Peter accidentally kicks him
(d) Magda jumps on it

9. With what does Ambrose brush Magda’s skirt?
(a) His ring finger
(b) His forearm
(c) He does not touch Magda’s skirt
(d) A hair on his thumb

10. What does the narrator say is irrelevant in a story about a fun house?
(a) Details about a drive to the fun house
(b) How much it costs to enter the fun house
(c) Where the fun house is located
(d) How long it takes standing in line at the fun house

11. When Ambrose’s father was a young teen how did his family go on vacation?
(a) They did not take vacations away from home
(b) By train
(c) By car
(d) They usually took a bus

12. Why didn’t Ambrose swim?
(a) He does not like to swim
(b) He has a pain in his stomach
(c) He forgot his swimsuit
(d) He does not want Magda to see his bare chest

13. What does Ambrose decide to do when he hears people in the corridor when he is lost?
(a) Yell for help
(b) Travel towards their voices
(c) Ignore them
(d) Bang on the wall

14. What does the narrator say is a symptom of nervous tension?
(a) Pacing
(b) Staring off into the distance
(c) Shuffling one’s feet
(d) Violent, repeating yawning

15. What does Ambrose notice about the people going into the funhouse?
(a) They are all adults
(b) They are all couples
(c) They all hold hands
(d) They are all young children

Short Answer Questions

1. What do most people do when they hear the funhouse character through the loud speakers?

2. What does the narrator call the diagram that represents conventional dramatic narrative?

3. What scares Ambrose about playing the game Niggers and Masters with Magda without Peter?

4. Where does Ambrose spy a half dollar?

5. What does the narrator say is the primary function of the middle of a story?

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