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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Over what does Ambrose’s mother chide his father?
(a) Driving too fast
(b) Wasting half a cigarette
(c) Not using his turn signal
(d) For missing the turn off

2. How does the narrator say Ambrose feels about a funhouse?
(a) Ambrose feels fear and confused about the funhouse
(b) Ambrose thinks funhouses are stupid
(c) Ambrose thinks funhouses are false
(d) Ambrose thinks they are funny

3. What does the operator’s daughter drop on the page on which she is writing in response to Ambrose’s suffering?
(a) Nothing
(b) A tear
(c) Black ink
(d) Sand and water

4. What is on the floor in the hall after the tumble-barrel room?
(a) Gooey pink stuff
(b) Spinning discs
(c) Water
(d) Strobe lights

5. On what does the lady on the cigar box sit?
(a) On an armchair
(b) On a bed
(c) In the sand on the beach
(d) On a marble bench

6. Why does Ambrose think the funhouse cannot be too scary or dangerous?
(a) That is only his hope, not an actual belief
(b) He has seen children go inside
(c) It is called a funhouse
(d) The owner would go out of business

7. What does Ambrose think is the means by which each room in the funhouse is turned on?
(a) Ambrose does not think about how the funhouse works
(b) The customers hit trip wires
(c) There are photoelectric devices or operators with peepholes
(d) They are always on

8. What does Ambrose decide to do when he hears people in the corridor when he is lost?
(a) Travel towards their voices
(b) Yell for help
(c) Bang on the wall
(d) Ignore them

9. What does the narrator say triangulation is?
(a) It is when two boys like the same girl
(b) Determining a position using two or more compass bearings
(c) Trying to use at least three different descriptions for a character
(d) It is a form of homicide

10. What does Ambrose wonder after he dozes off when he tries to find the old man?
(a) He wonders how he could have left the room where he saw the man
(b) He wonders if his mother is worried
(c) He wonders if maybe he never entered the funhouse and this is just a dream
(d) He wonders if he imagined the man

11. On what is the old man Ambrose sees in the funhouse sitting?
(a) He is sitting on the floor
(b) A stool
(c) A long, wooden bench
(d) An armchair

12. What does the narrator say is the most distinguishing physical feature of Ambrose’s father?
(a) He wears glasses
(b) He is quite fat
(c) He is very tall
(d) He has red hair

13. What does Ambrose think would be the reason the daughter would not rescue him?
(a) Her father will not allow her to find Ambrose
(b) She believes he must be alone and suffering to achieve greatness
(c) She thinks he is crazy
(d) She is too afraid of the dark

14. Why can’t they locate Ambrose in the funhouse?
(a) They don’t know where to look
(b) They are not looking for Ambrose
(c) He is not in the funhouse
(d) He is hiding

15. What does Peter do that makes Magda chase him into the maze room?
(a) Kisses her on the forehead
(b) Pushes his hand under her blouse
(c) Pinches her backside
(d) Slaps her on the backside

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Uncle Karl say Ambrose’s future family will use to go on vacation?

2. What does the narrator say might happen if Ambrose comes across another lost person in the funhouse?

3. What is hanging above the old man’s head in the funhouse?

4. What does the narrator say is the primary function of the middle of a story?

5. What does the narrator call the diagram that represents conventional dramatic narrative?

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