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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Lost in the Funhouse.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ambrose think would be the reason the daughter would not rescue him?
(a) She is too afraid of the dark
(b) She believes he must be alone and suffering to achieve greatness
(c) Her father will not allow her to find Ambrose
(d) She thinks he is crazy

2. What does the narrator call the diagram that represents conventional dramatic narrative?
(a) A plot flowchart
(b) An exposition square
(c) A conflict analysis
(d) A Freitag’s Triangle

3. What do the children decide to do instead of enter the funhouse?
(a) Go swimming again
(b) Eat some junk food
(c) Go to the movies
(d) Ride the merry-go-round

4. What does Ambrose know he will teach his son?
(a) How to pick up girls
(b) How to ignore the adolescent hormones
(c) How to walk next to a girl
(d) How to fish and softcrab

5. What does Ambrose’s father find out from the Coast Guardsman?
(a) The water is full of jelly fish
(b) The water is spoiled with crude oil
(c) The waters are clear of sharks
(d) There are no enemy boats off shore

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Peter insist they stand by the funhouse?

2. What is wrong with the windows of the fortune telling machine?

3. Why can’t they locate Ambrose in the funhouse?

4. How does Ambrose see under the boardwalk?

5. Many of what kind of machines are out of order in the penny arcade?

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