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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Lost in the Funhouse.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ambrose think is the means by which each room in the funhouse is turned on?
(a) Ambrose does not think about how the funhouse works
(b) They are always on
(c) There are photoelectric devices or operators with peepholes
(d) The customers hit trip wires

2. What does Ambrose realize when he is the first person through the tumble-barrel room?
(a) The point was not to get through it quickly
(b) Peter was taking over with Magda
(c) He dropped his flashlight
(d) He did not see Magda fall

3. What does Ambrose see through the shoulders of Magda’s sundress when she leans forward to look for the Towers?
(a) The shoulders of an extra blouse she is wearing
(b) Two straps on each shoulder under the sun dress
(c) One strap on each shoulder under the sun dress
(d) Nothing

4. What does the narrator say is the best thing to do when lost?
(a) Stay in one place and holler if necessary
(b) Always mark where you have already walked
(c) Always take the right hand turn
(d) Always travel in the same direction

5. How does the narrator say Ambrose feels about a funhouse?
(a) Ambrose thinks funhouses are false
(b) Ambrose thinks funhouses are stupid
(c) Ambrose feels fear and confused about the funhouse
(d) Ambrose thinks they are funny

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what are cigar boxes made in the present time in the story?

2. What does the narrator say a man could do with a mannequin?

3. Where is the imaginary torture chamber to which Magda took Ambrose?

4. What does the narrator say could be one way for girls to become well-developed?

5. What does Magda pretend to ignore at the swimming pool?

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