Lost in the City: Stories Short Essay - Answer Key

Edward P. Jones
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1. Describe the relationship between Robert and Clara in "The Girl Who Raised Pigeons."

Robert and Clara are a young couple, excited by marriage and the possibility of a life together. The narrator describes their happiness as blissful, but short-lived. Soon after they marry, Clara becomes pregnant with their daughter Betsy Ann, but the happy event of Betsy Ann's birth will be overshadowed by Clara's death from a brain tumor. The relationship goes from being one of young love to being a tragic tale of a broken family.

2. Describe Robert's reaction to becoming a widower and single father in "The Girl Who Raised Pigeons."

After the death of his wife, Clara, Robert is terrified by the prospect of becoming a father. Although he does not seriously consider abandoning Betsy Ann, Robert does have a fleeting moment on the street in which he considers the consequences of leaving Betsy Ann in the stroller and walking away. He realizes that she would be powerless to stop him from leaving, but he cannot bear to leave his child.

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