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Edward P. Jones
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Night Rhonda Ferguson Was Killed.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What song does Anita ask Melanie to sing again?
(a) "Hey Sugar."
(b) "Will You Still Love Me?"
(c) "My Guy."
(d) "Will You Love Me Tomorrow?"

2. Which school is the protagonist of "The First Day" zoned for?
(a) Seaton Elementary.
(b) Lincoln Memorial Elementary.
(c) Lafayette Elementary.
(d) Walker-Jones Elementary.

3. What does the protagonist of "The First Day" wear in the opening scene?
(a) A blue-and-green cotton dress.
(b) A red jumper with a white blouse.
(c) Jeans and a t-shirt.
(d) A school uniform.

4. Which church does the protagonist's mother attend in "The First Day"?
(a) First Baptist Church.
(b) First Methodist Church.
(c) St. John's Lutheran.
(d) Mt. Carmel Baptist.

5. What is Miles' profession?
(a) Barber.
(b) Street sweeper.
(c) Line cook.
(d) Executive assistant.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "The First Day", what does the protagonist liken her mother to as her mother pulls documents from her purse?

2. What does the protagonist of "The First Day" have for breakfast?

3. What does Cassandra call Rhonda Ferguson's father?

4. In "The Night Rhonda Ferguson Was Killed", when the car stalls, who is able to get it started?

5. In "The Girl Who Raised Pigeons", how old is Miles?

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