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Edward P. Jones
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Night Rhonda Ferguson Was Killed.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cassandra do instead of attending class?
(a) Cassandra cares for her niece.
(b) Cassandra drives around town looking for work.
(c) Cassandra sits outside the classroom antagonizing her teacher.
(d) Cassandra fantasizes about killing her brother-in-law.

2. What time is it when Melanie approaches Cassandra while she is sitting in her brother-in-law's car?
(a) 4:30.
(b) 2:30.
(c) 4:00.
(d) 3:30.

3. In "The First Day", what does the protagonist do as an "old, old game" between her and her mother?
(a) The protagonist presses her mother's lips together.
(b) The protagonist pretends to refuse a kiss.
(c) The protagonist squeezes her mother's hand too tight.
(d) The protagonist bats her eyelashes.

4. To what does the protagonist compare the admissions worker's pearls in "The First Day"?
(a) Jumbo-sized marbles.
(b) Golf balls.
(c) Gumballs.
(d) Pebbles.

5. Where do Betsy Ann's pigeons fly away to each morning?
(a) Miles' house.
(b) The bell tower.
(c) The roof.
(d) The park.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "The Girl Who Raised Pigeons", how old is Miles?

2. Who accompanies Betsy Ann on her trips to retrieve her pigeons?

3. What did Anita's father tell her about Anacostia?

4. In "The First Day", what time does the protagonist's mother promise to pick her up?

5. What advice does Robert receive from Carleton and Carlos?

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