Objects & Places from Lost in the City: Stories

Edward P. Jones
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Washington D.C.appears in All Stories

This place demonstrates the wealth discrepancy in urban centers.

Pigeons appears in The Girl Who Raised Pigeons

These objects become a symbol of maturity in the book.

Rhonda Ferguson's Song appears in The Night Rhonda Ferguson Was Killed

Cassandra and her friends bond over this object in the car ride across town.

The Store appears in The Store

Penny kills Patricia in this place.

Orange Line Train to Ballston appears in An Orange Line Train to Ballston

For the protagonist in the story, this object provides the opportunity to see a handsome man.

The Confidence Game appears in Young Lions

This object allows Caesar Matthews to live a relatively comfortable life.

Joyce Moses' New House appears in His Mother's House

Santiago purchases this object as a gift to his mother, using money from his drug-selling activities.

The Gospelteers appears in Gospel

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