Daily Lessons for Teaching Lost in the City: Stories

Edward P. Jones
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Lesson 1 (from The Girl Who Raised Pigeons)


"The Girl Who Raised Pigeons" begins with Betsy Ann's vague memory of crawling through a window in the middle of the night to visit the pigeons she raised on the roof of her family's apartment. These "night visits" introduce the collection of stories as a whole and the characters of Betsy Ann and Robert. The objective of this lesson is to explore the significance of Betsy Ann's "night visits" in the development of the characters as well as the broader significance within the story as a whole.


1) Class Discussion: Discuss the "night visits" as the introduction to the text. What are the "night visits"? Why does Jones begin his collection of D.C.-based stories this way? What is the broader significance of this childhood memory?

2) Group Work: Analyze Robert's reaction to Betsy Ann's night visits. How does Robert react when Betsy Ann tells him...

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