Lost in the City: Stories Fun Activities

Edward P. Jones
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Draw a map of Washington, D.C., including all of the major landmarks Jones describes in these short stories.

Character Sketch

Create a detailed character sketch for one of the characters in the book using the information provided in one of the short stories. Provide relevant quotes to support your sketch.

Venn Diagram

Select two or three characters from different stories and compare them using a Venn diagram. What similarities exist between the characters themselves or between the characters' lives? What significant differences?

Newspaper Article

Select one event from the collection of stories and write a newspaper article representing the facts of the event. Think about how a newspaper's presentation of the event might differ from Jones' presentation.

Memorial for Rhonda

Write a speech memorial for Rhonda, the young singer who dies in "The Night Rhonda Ferguson Was Killed". What information would a memorial speech include about...

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